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A lifetime with horses both Robin and Wilson Groves have successtully competed in many riding and driving disciplines for nearly half a century. Currently Robin is the USEF National Champion in Combined Driving, for the second time. Robin was a member of two US Combined Driving teams that competed at the World Single Championships held in Poland (2008) and Italy (2010). Both Robin and Wilson compete year round at the advanced level in combined driving and can be found on the competition rosters of pleasure shows and distance drives including the GMHA 100 mile drive each spring.

Robin and Wilson are knowledgeable equestrians and over the years have been involved in eventing, dressage, jumping, competitive trail, endurance and pleasure show driving with many championship ribbons inf these discipines.

Contributing to their many successes is the a well planned all around individual approach to conditioning and nutritional programs for every equine they work with. Having been to world championships has been a great experience and has exposed Robin and Wilson to how the rest of the world competes and manages horses. Italy US Team

R&W Horse Drawn Services in Brownsville Vermont is where riders, drivers and equines are evaluated and trained
in a beautiful Vermont setting with miles of dirt roads available. It is an wonderful environment that exposes green hosres to all the obstacles they may face in future activities.

Robin travels around the country teaching at clinics all year round. Robin and Wilson are located in Bronson, Florida from mid January thru March and are available for training and lessons at the wonderful Black Prong facility.